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So now that Disney has conquered the wedding dress world they have moved on to engagement rings. I actually like the Cinderella and Jasmine rings, but most of the others are heinous and pretty expensive. The Belle and Ariel rings are particularly horrid.I also, sort of like the rose gold on the Pocohontas ring. I also feel weird about a man buying me a ring that basically represents something for a little girl. And I feel weirdest of all about the inscription on TIana’s ring that says “Almost There.”  

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"Hey, how was the grocery store?"

"Henry insisted on getting apples, it seems he failed to inherit your family’s aversion to the bloody things. Oh, I also picked up twelve boxes of the fruits that are looped." At her blank look, he grins. "They were on sale."

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Tywin lives for this stuff, and actor Charles Dance crackles while wielding fresh power over both his children and the kingdom. Cersei can be horrendous, but I felt for her as Tywin snatched Tommen away. By doing so, Tywin nullified Cersei and she knows it. Joffrey was Cersei’s favorite, her obsession. Her influence over King Joffrey won’t extend to King Tommen. And so Cersei is left alone to mourn her dead son, because one else will. Not even Jaime.
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